Wishbone Ash:
Wishlist Tour

Featuring Argus Live

Thursday, November 7, 2024

Wishbone Ash:
Wishlist Tour

Featuring Argus Live
Date: Thursday, November 7, 2024
Time: 8PM
Tickets: $69.50, $49.50, $45.50
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More than half a century spent touring while continually releasing live and studio albums, Wishbone Ash is now gearing up for their “Wishlist Tour”, an evening of Wishbone Ash songs from across their 50 years of music, as requested by their fans.  Plus, for a few select dates on the tour, fans will be treated to their epic masterpiece, Argus, their multi-platinum sojourn that takes every Wishbone Ash fan to wondrous memories as well as new heights in this musical feast.


Early entry Q&A with the band from the stage.

“I still deeply go into the journey of playing the Argus album,” says founding member, lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. “It is amazing that after 50 years, it still takes me away, I love it.  And I’m really looking forward to the interactive element of this Wish List Tour,” says Andy Powell, founding guitarist, vocalist and songwriter.”  “This tour concept came about because fans kept asking for certain songs we haven’t played in years, decades.  We have so many chapters, lineups and flavours in our music.  There’s more than 300 songs, and we continue to write new ones.  It is fun to let the fans decide.”

“In some ways our career is like a smaller but global version of the Grateful Dead’s , where radio was not the primary path where people discovered our music,” Powell continues. “Many of our fans came on board through word of mouth and exposure to our fan community.  With such a long and varied history, fans have followed us closely through certain eras during which they might have come of age musically speaking. They’ll have their favorite songs that they’ll ask us to play.  So we decided to give them the show they want!”

Using Set.Fan.com, and their social media platforms, the band has gathered up the most requested songs which will form the ongoing worldwide tour, beginning in the UK this Fall, and coming to America 07 November thru 07 December.

“I fully enjoy the VIP Experiences at the shows, and having that direct contact with our people, hearing their stories and they hearing ours.  I can tell that even diehard fans are amazed at the longevity of the band. Our ongoing narrative of  events that have triggered certain songs or tales of interacting with the greatest musicians at the time through our extensive travels.”

Continual touring has kept the band in top shape, and kept fans engaged to share their concert experiences with their friends, which continues to bring more fans, even through the pandemic period.
“It is so cool to see so many young people at our shows,” Powell says.  Many discover us through the vinyl craze, or a seasoned parent or friend.  In Europe, young people sometimes make up half the audience now.”

Powell’s 2016 release of his autobiography, “Eyes Wide Open: True Tales of a Wishbone Ash Warrior,” offers some of the  story.  With Wishbone Ash, the story is always moving forward.  Their last studio album, Coat of Arms reached audiences on five continents.  The band is in pre-production for the next studio album.  
A special “Wish List Tour” CD will be available at shows, featuring the songs that folks might be treated to from the show.