Southern Accents: A Tribute to Tom Petty

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Southern Accents: A Tribute to Tom Petty

Date: Saturday, January 20, 2024
Time: 8PM
Tickets: $40, $35, $30

Pre-show dining can only be purchased up to 36 hours prior to the show date.

A team of talented ace-musicians from the Nashville studio and touring circuit, Southern Accents recreates the music, style, and sound of Tom Petty with immaculate precision and wildly contagious enthusiasm. From their uncanny resemblance to the original band and the way they move onstage, to the note-for-note, stunning recreations of Petty’s music.

Each member of the band looks the part, plays the part, and LIVES the part; the result is pure entertainment and songs so dedicated and true to the originals that you’d swear music-history was being made all over again right before your eyes and ears.

Playing the tunes 100% live with no backing-tracks of any kind, Southern Accents prides themselves on being the most accurate representation and faithful tribute to Tom Petty’s music in the world today.

They bring the timeless melodies, sweet rhythms, and wild rock music of Tom Petty to the stage for everyone to experience and fall in love with all over again.