a shared vision

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A welcome note from Mayor Daniel J. Reiman…

Over the years, there has always been a shared vision to create a vibrant downtown and an inclusive Arts District that would serve as a destination for the performing arts, educational events, live entertainment, and community engagement. The strategy was to design and build a one-of-a-kind venue that could transform itself from a seated concert hall to an indoor sports arena, to a center for culinary arts festivals, and so much more.

The process to get here was not without challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic, but we never lost sight of the finish line. Today, I can proudly say that the Carteret Performing Arts & Events Center is now complete and will open its doors to welcome the public in 2021.

This will be a defining moment for the Borough of Carteret as we take our place among New Jersey’s sought-after downtowns; bustling with local businesses and visitors, creating jobs, and boosting our local economy. Arts Districts have proven themselves to be the catalyst that attracts visitors and businesses, and ours will be no exception with the Carteret PAC as the cornerstone.

The Carteret PAC will sustain itself in part through mindful and consistent programming, membership campaigns, grant funding, and most importantly through our Naming and Corporate Partnership Opportunities. These opportunities provide corporations as well as individuals the chance to become a part of a cultural renaissance that until now, was an economic void within eastern Middlesex County and this region of New Jersey.

The Carteret PAC is a multi-level, flexible space venue that boasts a lower-level comedy/jazz club with piano lounge; a main floor concert/comedy and entertainment space with luxury theatre style seating that is easily removed to accommodate a variety of events such as expos, weddings, dinner, and more. The upper-level VIP seating consists of VIP Box Suites, private VIP space, and a 2nd floor expansive lobby with baby grand piano. The rooftop lounge, decorated with high-end furnishings, fire pits, heaters, and bars, has its own stage and private cabana-style seating for dining and enjoying the sunset.

My hope is that we may add your name to the growing list of Partners who join us on our journey toward becoming central New Jersey’s premiere destination to visit, work, live, and thrive.